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Airbus (Formerly Eurocopter) AS-350B3 (AStar)

The AS 350 B3 is a true work horse, with its extra external load capabilities it can carry out many of your external load requirements.

The AS350B3 looks and seats the same as the AS 350 B2 but has an extra 660 lbs of external load capability.

B3 photo

B3 photo

B3 photo

The following Specifications are approximate. * Loads may vary depending on conditions and fuel required.


  • Passenger Seating 5
  • Average Cruise speed 135 mph
  • Gross Wt. Internal 4961 lbs/2250 Kg
  • Gross Wt. External 6173 lbs/2800 kg
  • Fuel Capacity 119 Imp Gal/540 l
  • Fuel Consumption 180 liters per hour
  • Internal Payload 1 hr fuel 1500lb/680 kg
  • External Payload 1 hr fuel 2500/1130 kg

Basic Equipment

  • GPS Navigation System
  • Programmable VHF (FM)
  • Satellite Telephone & Tracking Units
  • Full Intercom
  • Headsets For All Seats
  • Cargo Basket
  • Medivac Equipped

Optional Equipment

  • Long Line and Carousel
  • Full External Sling gear
  • Bambi Bucket