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As the region´s largest helicopter services company we have found that a total dedication to safety is not just good for peace of mind, it´s good for business. Our Safety and Quality Management System is integral to our corporate business plan, bringing the expertise and knowledge of the entire Star Helicopters group.

Star Helicopters´ safety infrastructure is second to none. Star Helicopters pilots are always up-to-date and at the peak of their competence. We continuously update our SMS which improves our daily safety through pro-active management.

At Star Helicopters we have a culture of constant improvement when it comes to safety. Diligence, consistency, integrity and transparency are our watchwords. We are committed to providing consistent, safe, reliable helicopter service anywhere in Northern Alberta. We will never stop seeking ways to improve safety.

Risks inherent in all operations must be managed to prevent injuries, illness, death and environmental or property damage. All employees are required to maintain a safe working environment through adherence to approved procedures, training and, perhaps most importantly, communications. They must familiarize themselves and comply with relevant Health, Safety, Environment and Quality policies and regulations and work in a manner that safeguards themselves, co-workers, other people and the environment.