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FLIR/Gas Detection

Flir Ultra 7000 Camera

The Flir Ultra 7000 is a Gyro Stabilized camera that is mounted to the Bell 206 or AS 350 and is controlled by a technician inside the helicopter.  There is both color and infrared video being streamed to a digital video recorder, which have GPS coordinates attached to the video for viewing at the customers convenience.  The color video can be used for inspection of right of way (ROW) anomalies.  In addition to being used for pipeline inspections the Flir 7000 is used on forestry operations for hotspot inspections and Search and Rescue operations.


The Flir 8000e is a Gyro Stabilized camera that is mounted to the Bell 206 or AS 350 and is controlled by a technician inside the helicopter. The system combines color video with FLIR’s GasFindIR™ technology to allow you to detect fugitive Alkane and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) gases from the air. Many industrial gases and chemical compounds are invisible to the naked eye, but with its specialized sensor, the U8000e displays these fugitive gases as black fumes.

Close-up Daylight Image of Emissions

Close-up IR image of Emissions

IR Image of Flare-off Emissions


Since 2003 Star Helicopters Ltd. has been using the Boreal Laser Gas Finder with excellent results for our clients. In 2009 we added the Flir Ultra 7000 camera to our service, which is capable of recording color and infrared video simultaneously. In 2013 we added a Flir 8000 e.  Over the years we have completed thousands of kilometres of pipelines for our clients with great success. The exact route is flown by pipeline GIS data loaded into the pilots GPS. By combining these 2 technologies we can provide clients a product with high end results. These services also can be supplied separately with either the GasFinder or Flir camera on its own.

Boreal Laser Gasfinder

The Boreal Gasfinder is mounted on the belly of the Bell 206 or AS 350.  As the helicopter flies, the gasfinder samples 3 times per second and records the levels of methane in the air, as low as 1 PPM, which is sent to a computer along with GPS coordinates.  If increased levels are detected, an audible alarm sounds notifying the pilot and technician

Completed project

The entire route is recorded for our clients and can be viewed through a GIS viewing program that we supply on a hard drive. The GIS viewing program will show you a bread crumb trail with a moving map and video that you can switch from either infrared or color. In addition we also supply the GasFinder data on an additional viewing program for the client to review without the video.